How to Attach Hiking Stick Medallions

How to add hiking stick medallions

Hiking medallions or badges are a great way to display your hiking spirits. The medallions are attached to the head of your walking or hiking stick. Hiking medallions are symbols of wilderness, preservation, an affiliation group, or some other outdoor activities. Hiking stick medallions are incredibly elegant and turn a simple stick into something that … Read more

What to Wear on a Hiking Date?

What to wear on a hiking date

It’s a risky move to go hiking on a date, but since you’ve decided to do it, let’s go for it. First and foremost, your comfort dictates what you wear. You will seem uncomfortable and grumpy the entire time if you are not at ease in your outfit, especially if it is the first date. It … Read more

How Is Hiking An Aerobic Activity?

How Is Hiking An Aerobic Activity Featured Image

Do you ever wonder whether hiking is an aerobic or anaerobic activity? In short, hiking is an aerobic activity. However, you may not understand these terms fully. It is essential to know whether hiking is an aerobic or anaerobic activity and the benefits you get from each, as this can greatly influence your hiking habits. … Read more