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About BinocularSumo

Why I Started This Site

I think it’s only reasonable that I tell about myself a bit too since I do all the reviews and you need to know if it’s coming from a trusted source, right?

I was born in Michigan. It’s also known for its colorful birds with the Robin being the national bird. Ever since I was a tiny child, my mind always wandered off to sceneries of wildlife, and watching birds and wild animals through my dad’s binoculars was something that I used to be very fond of.

Later, when I had to choose my own pair of binoculars, I was overwhelmed by the range of choices available. Do I get Roof Prism Binoculars? Or do I get Porro Prism Binoculars? What the heck’s a minimum focus distance?

There were lots and lots of questions I had, and my friends who are accomplished birdwatchers in their own right- helped me get familiar with the wonderful optical instrument. This site contains decades of knowledge I’ve gained while using binoculars and the mistakes I’ve made in the process.


I was always very fond of outdoor activities and that has influenced me to this day.

I grew up in Michigan, and I feel nostalgic thinking about all the times that I’ve had a chance to set foot into beautiful nature. If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know that Michigan is home to a variety of wildlife including nighthawk, coot, killdeer, phalarope, white pelican, Canada goose, and the American robin which is also the state bird.

Michigan is also home to five national parks with stunning animals and it only helped fuel my curiosity for exploration. My personal favorite is the Isle Royale National Park which isn’t that easy to get to as you can only get there on foot or by canoe, and the journey is so worth it. It’s not crowded and receives very few visitors so the place has a tranquil aura you’ll love to be in.

You can look out for birds and even join the Moosewatch exhibition. I’ve been on that a couple of times and it’s great!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have witnessed a variety of wildlife and I’m truly grateful to my dad for sparking my interest in birds and animals.

My First Pair Of Binoculars

I’ve always used my dad’s favorite pair of binoculars since I was a kid. He was kind enough to let me borrow them whenever I needed them. He was very excited to teach me the workings of binoculars and he taught me most things I know about watching birds and using the adjustments on any binoculars.

It’s hard to say what brand they were mostly because I don’t have very vivid memories of my childhood other than going out with my dad on outdoor trips with his pair of binoculars.

I got my first pair of binoculars after I had enough saved up one summer. If you’ve already read my reviews, you already know which those were.

Needless to say, they were my favorite thing, and I used to take them everywhere. I mostly used them to watch birds or animals but I also used them on trips and spying on my neighbors while they were out on the road! That was quite fun but I don’t recommend you to do that.

I didn’t have much back then so I got one I could afford and it has served me well. It’s like one of those compact binoculars that may not have high-end specs like the best long-distance binoculars but nonetheless- it’s a great one to have.

Portability, Versatility, and Budget-friendliness were probably what I was going for when I chose them. I still use them for safari, hunting trips, camping, occasional spying to see what my neighbors’ kids are up to, and bird watching.

Binocular Sumo!

When I was on the lookout for my next pair of binoculars, I came to notice that there weren’t many reliable sources of information on what a buying guide to binoculars looks like. I knew a bit but it was really confusing trying to compare specs when I didn’t know what most of it meant.

I gained enough experience and familiarity in the use of binoculars over the span of two decades to the point where my friends and acquaintances were asking for advice on getting on binoculars. They were very happy with what I’d suggested and I thought to myself- I could help way more people if I put this on a site!

And that’s exactly what I did. I wrote everything I knew about what I wanted in a binocular, read authentic reviews on the trending ones, got them for field tests, and set out to write reviews that would help somebody who doesn’t know what to expect and pay for their first pair of binoculars.

Do I Use My Binocular Daily?

As a proud owner of Nikon 10×50 Aculon A211, I regularly use them in most outdoor activities. My kids are also very interested in bird watching, and it’s something I want them to enjoy when they grow up as well. It’s better that they spend their savings on some binocular than on some addictive substance, right?

These days, I use binoculars pretty much every day to keep an eye out for the birds in my area. There are many seasonal birds that just come here to spend their holidays!

I also work as a field guide for one of the local parks. I find visitors come without binoculars or with inappropriate ones and I find it very satisfying to help them with my Nikon. They are very excited to see the bright colors of the scenery with enough magnification to see distant wildlife.

I use many long-distance binoculars as well, and most binoculars I own have had exceptional image quality.

I’ve had a long history of exposure to a wide variety of binoculars and since I’m very passionate about it- I can say with confidence that I know what makes an effective pair of binoculars for every situation.

A low light binocular won’t be suitable for use in poor conditions while a binocular that’s not fog proof is not suitable to places with high humidity or in the tropics. Something as silly as a neck strap could easily make a lot of difference when it comes to viewing comfort and overall experience.

I’ve tested hundreds of binoculars when writing reviews for Binocular Sumo and that has also helped me get unique insights into what could be suitable for a certain tricky situation. Provided that most of us don’t have high budgets to spend on a binocular, my expertise in choosing the best budget binocular may come in handy for you.

I am very familiar with what makes and breaks a good binocular. Things like the quality of the objective lens, light transmission, fully multi-coated optics, eye relief, lens coatings, and focal points all make a huge difference.

When it comes to choosing the best binoculars for daily use, I think versatility matters more than geeky stuff like minimum focus distance or specs on an objective lens.

Binocular Sumo As The Best Binocular Reviews Site

There are hundreds if not thousands of review sites and pretty much all of them describe every single thing with a lens a revolutionary technology. It’s honestly very surprising to see how many aspiring bird watchers fall into the trap of cheap binoculars- no thanks to the poor reviews by review sites.

If only there was an authentic site that just did honest reviews without trying to sell you stuff that won’t last for a year!

We don’t start out as experts in our bird-watching journey. Everybody is average when it comes to their first binoculars and they don’t know what to expect for the price they are paying. Since you don’t know what focal lengths are good for your viewing needs and if you need a Porro prism, most of the time you end up with something pros shy away from.

You don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune on a pair of binoculars to get something you can regularly use and grow fond of. You also don’t need to get the ones with the largest magnification. If you try getting one with very high magnification in the low budget range, you end up with something with poor stability.

At Binocular Sumo, I make sure to inform you what you can get for your money and how to choose the best binoculars for your needs. There are also discounts I list out here so you can get the best gear at the lowest prices possible.

I don’t try to trick you into buying shitty things

I find most sites on the Net reviewing every finicky gadget they can find in the hopes that somebody out there will buy it. The marketing is partly to blame for the disappointments of some who go to a site to buy something and unknowingly buy something that is inferior to what the product review claims.

If I find some site claiming that a binocular has maximum light gathering capabilities or has a sharp focus, I would expect it to. Some binoculars are marketed as fog proof and waterproof binoculars when in fact, they are not. This has also happened to me one time.

A cheap binocular that a site claims to be the best budget binocular of 2021 could easily turn out to be a useless piece of gear with poor image quality. You would be much better off spending a few extra bucks on something more valuable than on the cheapest binocular you can find. A decent binocular is, after all, a great investment in yourself.

It may not have happened to you but it’s always a great idea to stay cautious of the scams on the Internet. One way to make sure that you always get the correct product descriptions is to take the word of a trusted and authentic website- like Binocular Sumo!

There are some binoculars that I straight out dislike. If I don’t like something about a particular model or if there’s a better value option available, I’ll make sure to say so. So, you can rest assured that you get the best advice from somebody who knows the ins and outs of binoculars.

Keeping it real is what matters to me

When I am researching something that I am looking to buy, I find it very annoying to read on about specs that make no sense to me or to read something exaggerated to the point it just feels unreal. I’ve spent countless hours in frustration when I was buying my own pair of binoculars, so I understand how you feel about dishonest and very long reviews.

I try to keep it real and concise while not missing out on the things that really matter. The last thing I want is you to get a bad binocular after reading a poor review on my site. I want to be a help in your purchase- so I try my best to tell you exactly what you’d be getting if you settled on one on my site.

I obviously prefer binoculars I’ve used in the past but I try not to get carried away with my personal biases. I understand that preferences are unique to everybody and you may not like the same things as me, so I try to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible.

Whenever possible, I try getting my hands on the binocular I am reviewing and I do the review based on how I feel about it. I test it under both bright light and poor light conditions to get a sense of how well it performs. I also go out with it to spot unusual birds so it’s thrilling for me too!

I may not give the best reviews but at least I keep it real. At the end of the day, that’s what matters the most, right?