How to Carry Water While Hiking

How to carry water while hiking

Water is a crucial component of hiking. As we all know, the body needs a lot of water to function properly. However, this requirement is more pressing when you are trekking since your body requires more water due to an increase in metabolism. At a first glance, water may seem like a basic thing. You …

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How Often To Replace Hiking Boots? 5 Signs Your Boots Need Replacing

How Often To Replace Hiking Boots?

If you are frequently going out on trips and long hikes, you will eventually run into an all too familiar problem- worn-out boots and need to replace hiking boots. While it’s completely natural and expected, it can leave you wondering if there’s something you could have done to know when to replace them, or better …

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How To Wear Hiking Boots With Jeans? 7 Tips To Stay Stylish

how to wear hiking boots with jeans

For the longest time, I’ve thought that hiking boots were only good for hiking. When I saw a friend rock his boots with his stylish pair of jeans, boy was I surprised! Whether you’re planning to go on a trek and cannot resist the urge to look stylish in jeans, or just want to bring …

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How To Make Money Hiking? | 6 Proven Ways

how to make money hiking

Travelling is one of the most beautiful experiences in anyone’s life. Along with traveling, the task of living below one’s means is not something everybody can do intuitively. So, one of the daunting tasks associated with traveling is managing the financial survival part—and unless you’ve got a good source of constant income, your journey is …

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How to Attach Hiking Stick Medallions

How to add hiking stick medallions

Hiking medallions or badges are a great way to display your hiking spirits. The medallions are attached to the head of your walking or hiking stick. Hiking medallions are symbols of wilderness, preservation, an affiliation group, or some other outdoor activities. Hiking stick medallions are incredibly elegant and turn a simple stick into something that …

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How to Pack for Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Packing for Appalachian Trail

Walking via trails or routes for a predetermined amount of time until you get to your goal is all that constitutes a hiking excursion. There are many distinct hiking styles. Depending on several variables, like the route you choose, the weather, and your tolerance for long hikes, the length of a specific hike can vary …

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What to Wear on a Hiking Date?

What to wear on a hiking date

It’s a risky move to go hiking on a date, but since you’ve decided to do it, let’s go for it. First and foremost, your comfort dictates what you wear. You will seem uncomfortable and grumpy the entire time if you are not at ease in your outfit, especially if it is the first date. It …

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How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

How To Wear Hiking Boots With Shorts?

Can hiking boots be suitable with shorts? Will you look good in it? Will the looks match safety standards? what if you choose to wear shorts instead of trousers? Hiking boots look quite fashionable with shorts if you match the colors designs and all that. Besides, summer hiking would require you to put on shorts …

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What Is The Triple Threat In Hiking?

what is the triple threat in hiking

The triple threat in hiking, more commonly known as the triple crown in hiking is some of the longest thru-hike trekking trails in the United States. They include the Appalachian Trail(AT), the Continental Divide Trail(CDT), and the Pacific Crest Trail(PCT). The triple crown is a total of around 8000 miles and needs a lot of …

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How To Tell If Hiking Boots Are Too Big?

how to tell if hiking boots are too big

Hiking up in the mountains is indeed both adventurous and tiring while the memories you carry are going to be immense indeed! To make those memories sweet enough to remember, you need to have the best pair of hiking boots that fit just right. The real thing with this big boot issue is that they …

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