7 Best Automatic Focusing Binoculars | Reviews & Buying Guide

Ever stumbled upon a pair of binoculars, tried looking through the lenses, and can’t see anything but blurriness? Well, unless you’re adept at using the focus wheel or get extremely lucky and happen to look at something exactly at the distance the focus is set to, you’re not going to see sharp images. 

best auto focus binoculars

And using the focus wheel can be quite troublesome at times when you’re in a hurry like when you’re watching a sporting event or a fast sprinting animal. You might completely miss the moment while trying to fix the focus.

What’s the solution? – Auto Focus Binoculars. Doesn’t matter if you’re up for hunting, watching sports, or anything thing, these binoculars will make sure to get your work done.

Binoculars built with autofocus features come in single magnification options and are pre-adjusted to provide a high-definition sharp visual experience eliminating the discomfort and time wasted for turning focus knobs. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at 7 of the best automatic focusing binoculars that you can buy online. We’ve also included a complete buyers’ guide to help you make an informed decision while purchasing your ideal pair of binoculars.

The 7 Best Automatic Focusing Binoculars Reviews

1. Bushnell Auto Focus Binoculars – Marine 7×50 Binoculars

One of Bushnell’s best marine binoculars yet, the Bushnell Marine 7×50 Waterproof Binocular offers a spectacular viewing experience at a much affordable price. 

Featuring multi-coated optics over the BaK-4 prisms provides users with a crystal clear viewing experience that matches high-grade binoculars. And thanks to its fog proof and waterproof features, the binos retain that same clear image in any weather condition.

The exterior features a non-slip and non-skid rubber armor that offers great drop protection to save your binoculars from bumps and scratches and also provides you comfort while holding them for longer periods.

Highlighted Features

  1. BaK-4 Porro prisms
  2. Fully multi-coated lenses
  3. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged
  4. 100% waterproof
  5. Fold-down eyecups

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 7.01 x 2.8 x 7.4 inches

Weight: 36 oz

Close distance focus: 25 Feet

Magnification: 7x

Field of View: 380 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: Waterproof, fog proof, and lifetime warranty

  • 100% fog proof and waterproof
  • Great warranty
  • Highly resistant to corrosion
  • Heavier than the above options

Our Verdict on Bushnell Marine 7×50 Binocular

Built with durability and quality viewing in mind, the Bushnell Marine 7×50 binocular is rugged, provides bright and clear images, and offers full fog proofing and waterproofing. On top of that, Bushnell offers a lifetime warranty which means you can take your set of binoculars to a certified shop and get it repaired for no cost at all even 6 years of use.

2. Bushnell Auto Focus Binoculars – PowerView 10x50mm InstaFocus

Featuring Bushnell’s InstaFocus system, the PowerView 10×50 binoculars are among the best self focus binos you can find online. Their rugged non-slip rubber design doesn’t just provide comfort while holding them for long hours but also absorbs light shocks giving extra drop protection and adding to its durability.

The Powerview also equips BK-7 Porro prisms with multi-coated lenses that offer a clear, bright, and immersive viewing experience. And with the fold-down eyecups, the Bushnell Powerview is suitable for all types of viewers even with eyeglasses on.

Highlighted Features

  1. BK-7 Porro prisms with multi-coated optics
  2. InstaFocus System
  3. 10x Magnification
  4. Fold-down eyecups
  5. Non-slip rubber armor with Realtree AP camouflage 

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 8.5 x 8.4 x 3.4 inches

Weight: 25 0z

Close distance focus: 20 Feet

Magnification: 10x

Field of View: 341 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: InstaFocus, High Magnification

  • Great price
  • Wide depth of view
  • Highly Durable
  • Not fog proof

Our Verdict on Bushnell PowerView 10x50mm InstaFocus Binoculars

The Bushnell PowerView InstaFocus is a great pair of all-purpose binoculars with quick self focus and a whopping 10x magnification. Although lacking a few features such as fog protection, it’s a great bargain for the price you’re paying.

3. Celestron Auto Focus Binoculars For Hunting – Cavalry 10×50 Binoculars

Featuring thick and highly durable olive drab rubber armor, the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 binoculars are robust, weather-resistant, and best suited for hunters, military uses, marine, and nature watching. 

These binoculars include high-grade BaK-4 Porro prisms with fully multi-coated lenses that offer a brighter, clearer, and sharper viewing experience in addition to UV-protection.

And these binoculars are fully waterproof and nitrogen-purged to make them weather-resistant and prevent internal fogging of lenses.

They’re slightly heavy to hold for long hours but that is also where the tripod adaptable feature comes in handy. 

Highlighted Features

  1. BaK-4 Porro prisms
  2. Fully multi-coated lenses
  3. 100% fog proof and waterproof
  4. Twist-up eyecups
  5. Highly durable olive drab armored exterior

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 7.70 x 2.60 x 7.20 inches

Weight: 32 oz

Close distance focus: 29.5 Feet

Magnification: 10x

Field of View: 294 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: Waterproof, fog proof, and limited lifetime warranty

  • Rugged build
  • Bright and clear viewing experience
  • Great warranty period
  • Slightly heavy
  • Relatively bad close focus distance 

Our Verdict on Celestron Cavalry 10×50 Binoculars

Although the close focus distance on the Celestron Cavalry 10×50 binoculars is relatively bad, these offer a great viewing experience in range and showcase long-lasting durability for years.

4. Bushnell Auto Focus Binoculars – 10×40 Spectator Sport Binoculars

The Spectator Sport binoculars incorporate Bushnell’s patented instant automatic focus technology known as PermaFocus and keep distant objects in a clear view eliminating the need for constant readjustments. 

The multicoated lenses in them provide superior light transmission rendering the images to be bright, clear, and sharp. And thanks to the IPX4 waterproof and fog proof rating, you won’t have to worry about water damage or internal fogging of lenses.

And not just from weather, but the exterior of the binoculars is forged out of rugged rubber armor to provide drop protection and increase the durability of the product.

Highlighted Features

  1. PermaFocus technology
  2. IPX4 Waterproof and fog proof
  3. Multi-coated lenses
  4. Eco-friendly and lead-free construction
  5. Includes 4 different colored tiles for customization 

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 8 x 6 x 3 inches

Weight: 19.8 oz

Close distance focus: 12 Feet

Magnification: 10x

Field of View: 305 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: Waterproof, fog proof, and lifetime warranty

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Very good close focus distance
  • Great warranty period
  • Cannot be mounted on a stand

Our Verdict on Bushnell 10×40 Spectator Sport Binoculars

As the name suggests, the Bushnell Spectator Sport Binoculars are great for enjoying sports events where constant focus adjustments could make you miss a few key moments of the game. So the PermaFocus in combination with great quality optics really makes these binos worth the price. 

5. Barska Automatic Focusing Binoculars – 10×50 Focus Free Binoculars

Another great option for an automatic focusing binoculars is the Barska 10×50 Focus Free Binoculars. These binos offer a great viewing experience, instant autofocus capabilities, and a lifetime warranty at a budget price point.

Featuring BK-7 Porro prisms and fully multi-coated lenses, the Barska binoculars offer clear visuals perfect for sports events, nature viewing, and generally fast paced-environments. And the 10x magnification allows for all-round long-distance scoping.

Barska binoculars are quite durable too thanks to the rubber armoring on the exterior of the binoculars. And even if something goes wrong, the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty so you get your binoculars repaired at no extra costs at all. 

Highlighted Features

  1. Bk-7 Porro prisms
  2. Fully multi-coated lenses
  3. Fold-down eyecups
  4. Rubber armoring
  5. Instant auto-focus

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 7.4 x 5.5 x 1.96 inches

Weight: 26 oz

Close distance focus: 25 Feet

Magnification: 10x

Field of View: 367 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: Auto-focus, lifetime warranty

  • Fixed focus
  • Great warranty
  • Affordable price tag
  • Not waterproof or fog proof

Our Verdict on Barska 10×50 Focus Free Binoculars

Although missing a few features like waterproofing, the Barska 10×50 focus-free binoculars make it up by offering clear visuals, greater magnification, a durable body, and an incredibly affordable price.

6. Tasco 8×32 Focus Free Binoculars

Lightweight, compact, and rugged, the Tasco 8×32 Focus Free Binoculars are great for all ages and for multi-purposes. The focus-free design means that you can instantly focus on distant objects without having to deal with turning focus knobs. 

The Tasco binoculars feature compact roof prisms with anti-reflection fully coated lenses that offer better light gathering performance, brighter image, and less glare for a more premium viewing experience.

These binoculars are built with textured slip-resistant armor to improve grip and drop protection. The manufacturer also provides a limited lifetime warranty so you can get your binoculars repaired at any time without further costs.

Highlighted Features

  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Compact roof prism light path
  3. Anti-reflection fully coated lenses
  4. Fold-down rubber eyecups
  5. Textured slip-resistant armoring

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 6.5 x 5.4 x 2.3 inches

Weight: 14 oz

Close distance focus: none

Magnification: 8x

Field of View: 382 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: lifetime warranty

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Great warranty period
  • Affordable price tag
  • No waterproof rating

Our Verdict on Tasco 8×32 Focus Free Binoculars

The Tasco 8×32 Focus Free Binocular brings auto-focus and durability into a lightweight and compact design. And to prove the durability concerns of these binoculars, the manufacturer also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

7. Compact Auto Focus Binoculars – Mahauk Go-Focus 10x25mm

The Mahauk Go-Focus binoculars are lightweight, portable, and come at an incredibly affordable price tag. With Mahauk’s latest auto-focusing technology and a 10x magnification, these compact binoculars are easily among the best self focusing binoculars options you can find at this price point. 

Equipped with high-density BAK4 lenses with multi-layer coated prisms, these binoculars offer clearer, brighter, and more color-accurate views than binoculars with the inferior BAK-7 lens.

And thanks to the IP53 waterproof rating, highly durable and shock-resistant rubber armor, the Mahauk will prove to be your favorite nature watching companion for years to come. 

Highlighted Features

  1. BAK4 lenses with FMC multi-layer coated prisms
  2. Go-Focus 
  3. 25mm objective lens
  4. 10x Magnification
  5. Non-slip and shock-resistant

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 3.94 x 4.53 x 1.77 inches

Weight: 8.1 oz

Close distance focus: 22 Feet

Magnification: 10x

Field of View: 320 feet/ 1000 yards

Special features: Go-Focus, waterproof, adjustable design

  • Lightweight, portable, and adjustable design
  • Affordable price
  • IP63 Waterproof
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Because of the small size and higher magnification, it is tough to hold steady without a stand 

Our Verdict on Mahauk Go-Focus 10x25mm Binoculars

Featuring better quality lenses, auto-focus capabilities, and a durable exterior, the Mahauk Go-Focus binoculars are extremely worth the price. The compact size it makes it comfortable to hold, use, and travel with and overshadows other high-end binoculars.

Buyer’s Guide

New users may be overwhelmed by the many features and attributes available when shopping for binoculars. A high magnification or a light weight is not the only consideration.

To find the right pair of binoculars for you, take a look at these few things to consider before making a purchase.


It can be a little tricky to select the right magnification for your needs. When it comes to magnification, many people go for as high as they can, but that’s a big mistake. The more magnification you use, the smaller your field of view and the darker your image will become. 

All hand movements and small shakes get magnified as much as the magnification of the image itself, so the final result will be shakier. Therefore, too much magnification can actually render a binocular useless.

Therefore, binoculars with 6x, 7x, 8x, or 10x magnifications would be sufficient enough for most of the general public’s needs.

Size and Weight

Binoculars should also be considered in terms of their size and weight. Bulky or heavy models will cause your hands to get tired and shaky, which will ruin your viewing experience. The larger the size, the less portable it is.

Nevertheless, some people don’t mind the weight or size of their binoculars since they’re going to use a mounting stand to keep them steady. In case you are one of them, be sure to make sure that the set you’re about to buy is able to be mounted.

Field of View

Field of view is also an important factor to consider when choosing binoculars. Bird watching, hunting, and marine activities require binoculars with a wider field of view so that you can see a wider area through your lenses.

The downside, however, is that you lose magnification capability with a wider field of view. Therefore, a higher magnification will result in a narrower field of view. 

If you need greater magnification and your subject remains steady most of the time, you might want something with a narrower field of view but higher magnification.

But for most normal activities, binoculars with a field of view of around 300-400 feet at 1000 yards would be better.

Special Features

Additionally, binoculars come with extra features to enhance your viewing experience. If you plan on using your binoculars in diverse weather conditions, such as rain or fog, features such as waterproofing and fog proofing are critical. Despite their usefulness, night-mode is not an essential feature for most users.


Binoculars usually come with longer periods of warranty compared to other items.

Generally, manufacturers offer a limited lifetime warranty, so even after five or ten years of extensive use, you can get it repaired for no extra charge. 

It is much better to spend a little more money and get a lifetime warranty on a binocular than to get one with a shorter warranty period.

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