What are Bushnell Bone Collector Scopes?

Even if you have zero interest in the Bushnell brand, you still might know the company for its really big impact in the Riflescope industry. There are a lot of good quality optics that Bushnell provides. They are great and most of these binoculars come at a relative value for money. You can find the scopes in virtually any budget you want.

While Bushnell does feature several different scope options, there are some sub brands that are just too great. The Bone Collector Series from Bushnell is one such series of scopes that are super useful. Today, we are going to be explaining about this rifle scope sub brand so, let us get started.

bone collector

History of Bushnell Bone Collector Series


The Bone Collector scopes were initially made when Bushnell collaborated with Michael Waddell, who is a professional hunter and his nickname is actually ‘Bone Collector.’ Bushnell got the idea from him. It is like Nike working with Jordan and naming their shoes ‘Air Jordan.’ Bushnell followed the similar strategy.

Anyway, this strategy worked as the cool name that Bushnell got for their scopes really increased their value. In addition, Waddell became a brand ambassador for Bushnell and this is how the Bone Collector series of Scopes, Rangefinders and Binoculars actually started.

Mr. Waddell is a world champion hunter and he even works with RealTree which is a TV show. He was Cameraman on the show till he got his own show titled RealTree Road Trips. Even in the show, he promotes the Bone Collector Brand.

The Bone Collector is not exactly a scope series but bushnell actually has a line of limited products with this branding. Only a few have this name.

Bushnell got the rights to the name in 2010 when Waddell and Bushnell got together and introduced the Bushnell Trophy XLT scope with the branding of Bone Collector. It had a different logo and everything.

The next few years Bushnell Expanded their line up with even more products. They introduced binoculars, rangefinders and even a line up of cameras under this brand. In the year 2018, Bushnell phased out the Bone Collector series but they are still offering Binoculars and Rangefinders under the Bone Collector co-brand.

How good is the Bushnell Trophy XLT Bone Collector Scope?

The Bushnell Trophy XLT is a really good quality scope. At this point, it is quite an old scope but it still manages to get everything done. This scope comes with different configurations as well.

You get a model with fixed magnification and 32 mm objective lens. The magnification level was 4x. Then you had another model with specs 3-9 x 40. This one had the 40 mm objective lens with varied magnification range of 3 to 9x.

The Trophy XLT scope had the design of an entry level scope and it was marketed as one too. Bushnell did it to make the scope available to more customers. They also marketed this product as having better optical quality than some standard Bushnell Trophy scopes. While the 4 x 32 model did not sell that good, the 3-9 x 40 model was a success for bushnell. This particular bone collector scope though is really hard to find now, Bushnell decided to phase them out in 2018.

Does Bushnell make Bone Collector Binoculars too?

Yes, there are Bone Collector Binoculars from Bushnell. While their main focus is still riflescopes, there are some Bone Collector binoculars as well. They are great purchases by the way. These binoculars have the best overall design as well as build.

The Bone Collector binoculars are the best buy in the Bone Collector product lineup. These binoculars have got reasomable optics and the quality is about half the cost of Leupold binoculars.

Why did Bushnell discontinue the Bone Collector scope series?

Bushnell hasn’t cited any official reasons for discontinuing their Bone Collector series. Perhaps the collaboration contract with Michael Waddel must have ended and this might have caused the phasing out. But if you go to their website, you can still see Waddell as a brand ambassador. So, this might be a reason why Bushnell just stopped producing the Bone Collector scopes.

The Bone Collector series from Bushnell was really excellent. They were not that expensive and they provided high quality optics at really great price points. The Trophy XLT is particularly a really nice scope. They are better than some entry level scopes in the market.

The Bushnell scopes are also covered by Bushnell’s Warranty and they will definitely exchange the scopes if there are any problems with it. You can still get the 2018 Bushnell model and claim warranty on that product if that product gets damaged somehow.

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