Has the Vortex Copperhead Scope Been Discontinued?

In a very short amount of Time, Vortex has done things that not a lot of rifle scope companies can do. It has quickly become one of the most popular brands in the riflescope market. The company did this by providing excellent entry level as well as mid level scopes at affordable price brackets.

The mid-range scope market is a very competitive one and Vortex has done a really great job of meeting the market demands. Their copper head series is probably one of the best scope lines in their portfolio so, is this series discontinued? Has Vortex pulled the plug on Copperhead? Well, let us find out!




History of the Copperhead Series

Let us first get into the history of these scopes. Vortex introduced the famous Copperhead series of scopes in 2016. Back then, Vortex representatives, in an interview said that the Copperhead series would be a specialized limited edition model made for only a few distributors.

Copperhead was actually designed for hunters. Vortex wanted to provide budget friendly hunting scopes to hunters. Since they already had the Crossfire II which was pretty expensive, they wanted a budget offering too. The Copperhead had two configuration (we will get into it later).

These models are all made in China and they are based on the specifications laid out by Vortex engineers. They are available only with a 1-inch tube. Both feature a fixed parallax that is set at 100 yards and there is only one reticle option.

Vortex also has something called the Dead Hold BDC in these scopes that really offer you incredible clarity and vision. The BDC reticles have a dots on the windage place so you can adjust the windage changes.

Features of  Copperhead Series

In terms of power range, the copperhead models come at either 3-9x or 4-12x magnification. This range is best for hunters and these are probably the two most popular power configurations. They are versatile enough for all kinds of hunting needs.

One thing to note is that the size difference in the objective lens diameter present between the two scopes. The 3-9 model has a 40 mm objective lens while the super powerful 4-12 model features an objective lens of size 44mm. This means that depending on the scope ring manufacturer, the 4-12 model night need more rings and obviously, it is more powerful than the 3-9 model.

The difference in weight does not really sound like much but when you actually hold the rifle, the weight is quite visible. You will feel it on your shoulder.

As far as the lens quality goes, Copper series has nice enough quality there. It is nothing to write home about but is still slightly better than the ones you get in Chinese scopes under $150. The overall glass on the copperhead series is definitely better than some other competitor scope modes that we have seen in the price range of below $150 dollars.

Now, let us move on to the actual reason you are here for and answer the question that you asked earlier!


So, Has vortex discontinued the Copperhead series?

Well, The answer, believe it or not, is actually No!  They haven’t discontinued it yet but these scopes are very difficult to find for sale. Why? Because the Copperhead is a limited edition scope and only a few products were made in the first place. They were sold by particular distributors that only certain people have access to. And this is why they are so hard to get. This is also the reason why people think that the copperhead series is discontinued.


Can you Buy the Copperhead series now?

Yes, you can definitely buy them. As we said, they are not discontinued. You can grab these scopes if you search for them hard. First of all, contact all the Vortex distributors manually over phone and see if there is a copperhead somewhere. Tell them to ship it if they have got one. But if you can’t find one, simply go to ebay and get a used one!

In terms of warranty, you do get it. And the best part is, if your copperhead is damaged, Vortex is going to replace it with another copperhead. The warranty policy is great. It is fast and quick, the customer care of Vortex really streamlines the entire process so, you can definitely go ahead with the purchase if you manage to find one!

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