Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars Review

Occer is a real leader in the optics industry and it has a dedicated following. The company provides customers with budget-friendly binoculars that offer really high-quality images. The company is also very well known for mixing affordable prices with super-premium specifications and they provide high-quality images as well.

Most binoculars from this company are quite good. They provide incredible quality at a really affordable price segment. The Occer 12 x 25 is one such example. It is a really great overall binocular.

The company is renowned for mixing affordable prices with premium specs, and the Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars are the best example of that. If you are interested in getting this pair of binoculars, but you are not sure if the performances are worth it, then you have arrived at the right place.

Today we are going to take an in-depth look at the specifications and features that the binoculars offer in order to see just how good they are. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Occer 12×25 Compact Binoculars Overview


Magnification – 12x

Prism System – BAK-4 Porro Prisms

Exit Pupil – 20mm

Field of View – 7.5 degrees; 273 feet at 1000 yards

Eye Relief – Yes


Lens System

The Occer 12×25’s binocular has a total magnification of 12x and it also has a 25mm objective lens and wide enough FOV. The FOV spec here is 273 ft/1000 yards. This can let you look farther and you can even see wider with it. The coating here is FMC broadband and the binocular also has a premium BAK4 prism system that ensures imaging. The lightweight binocular is covered with a BAK4 prism texture. The objective lens uses optical FMC broadband green film and the eyepiece here is made of blue coating. This design makes sure that the image is clear enough.

Comfort and Usability

The binocular has a pulldown rubber eyepiece to provide more fit to the glass wearer. You can get close to the lens too and see easily with it. The long eye relief combined with a large eyepiece provides a comfortable viewing experience to give you comfort with and without eyeglasses. For people who don’t wear glasses, you can get more focus at a slight and feel easier to use it. The compact binocular has a 15mm large eyepiece that you can use to see crisp images. The portability is quite good for this binocular. You can use it with one hand and it can be used for opera, bird watching, traveling, wildlife watching, football games and more.

Build Quality

The construction of these binoculars is primarily of ABS plastic. And it also comes with a cruise binocular strap as well. You can use the item in different situations as well. The rubber armor is made for a secure grip. Since it is a small pocket-sized binocular, this can be used by kids as well. The build quality is also supported by the warranty that you get with the device. Another impressive fact about the binocular is that it is waterproof. You don’t really have to protect them if it starts raining somehow. The water resistance feature of the binocular is not strong enough to drop them inside water. You still need to be careful. Since these binoculars weigh around 7.2 ounces, you won’t have any problem using them for a long time. And since there is a nonslip textured grip here, your hands won’t really shake and slip while using the binoculars.

  • The binoculars have premium BAK-4 Porro prisms.
  • The image quality is impressive on this unit.
  • You get a pretty long eye relief here meant for both glass wearers and nonglass wearers.
  • You get adjustable eyecups with the device.
  • The magnification power is 12x and the objective lens size is 25mm on this device.
  • The wide FOV provides a greater range of pictures.
  • The FMC multilayer broadband film is quite incredible here.
  • It also has performance in low light conditions.
  • The only real bad thing about this binocular is that the optics are not fully multicoated.


The Occer binoculars have a really great value considering the price that it is available on. These binoculars cost less than $50 so, they are incredibly well priced and the number of features that they give is really vast as well. We think it is safe to say that the Occer 12×25 is worth every penny. The binoculars have an incredible array of feature set and it also does all the job correctly. We recommend these binoculars for everyone wanting to get a good pair of binoculars for all the tasks.

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