Orion 9326 Giant View 25×100 Astronomy Binoculars Review

Orion has been in the binocular market for some time now. Even though the company is quite unknown, it has managed to make some good quality binoculars. We are reviewing their highly-rated Giant View Astronomy Binocular today. Since it is an Astronomy binocular, it differs from normal binoculars in certain ways. In a moment, we will go over the specifications, but first, let’s talk about Orion.

Orion manufactures value propositions. With their high-quality astronomy binoculars, they offer a lot of value. Especially the Giant View has a really nice optic quality at a reasonable price. In the US, it costs around $360 dollars. The quality and range of these binoculars are also really impressive

What do you get in the box?

With this binocular, you get a nice package with the binocular. In addition to the instruction manual, you get paperwork regarding the warranty. Additionally, you get a pair of lens caps that can be useful. Furthermore, they have included a microfiber cloth for cleaning lenses, which is much appreciated. To top it all off, the company provides a solid hard binocular carry case that can be used for portability! All things considered, it’s a pretty sweet package.


  • The binocular has an Astronomy lens size of 100mm and a magnification of 25x.
  • There are fully coated optics and a high-quality BAK-4 prism system to provide nice, sharp images with good contrast and decent light.
  • The barrels of this binocular are cross-referenced, and it has a highly rigid build with excellent optical alignment.
  • The eye relief is 18 mm and it is designed for all users of glasses.
  • A binocular of this size usually weighs around 10 pounds, which is fairly standard.


Lens System

This binocular’s lens system is quite impressive. The 100mm lens is the most obvious feature of this camera. With this objective lens, you can clearly see faraway objects since more light is allowed to enter. It can even be used at night. A binocular with this lens system is worth its price. Although this binocular is pretty solid, you can still use it during the day.

There is also a multicoating on the lens that increases the amount of light entering the lens in addition to the objective lens.

 The main purpose of a multicoated lens is to reduce reflections by covering it with multiple layers. The image is brighter and cleaner as a result. In combination with the lens’ 25x zoom, everything becomes quite large and clear.

The binocular’s multicoated lenses will definitely come in handy when you use it!


Alumimun is used to make this Orion binocular. The material is strong, so it is also quite heavy. However, it is still worth it. It is also made sure that the binocular is supported with tripods. They also give you a hard case for protection, which is a nice touch. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Giant View binocular.


At a distance of 1000 yards and with 18mm of eye relief and 1312 feet of FOV, this binocular is easy to see through. Its exit pupil size also makes it easy and comfortable to use. With a binocular of 25x magnification, an exit pupil of 4mm is adequate. I really like it. Since the images are brighter, we highly recommend this binocular for viewing the night sky.

  • Orion’s Giant View binoculars have a solid build quality and are very comfortable to use
  • The binocular can be used for Astronomy without a doubt
  • I like the hard case that comes with it
  • I really like this option because it’s so affordable
  • Having twist-up eyecups can be problematic for some people. A rubber type folding eyecup would have been much better
  • Unlike other brands that offer lifetime or even five-year warranties, this one offers only one year of protection


An impressive 25×100 Astronomy binocular, the Orion Giant View binocular is designed to handle all your Astronomy needs easily. Remember that this one isn’t really good for anything else! Astronomy binoculars typically have specific uses, and this one does as well.

 In every respect, it is worth its price. We would have liked to have more warranty time, but since the binocular is already pretty solidly built, it might not have too many problems!

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