Celestron SkyMaster 25X100 Astro Binoculars Review

What comes to mind when you think of Telescopes? You probably imagine a long cylindrical device with ultra magnification, right? Well, if you think this way, you are right, but what about binoculars?

Could it be the smaller devices? Would they be able to do the job of a telescope? The answer is yes, in fact. The binocular we will discuss today is capable of handling these situations in great detail. Let’s begin.

Celestron might be familiar to you, right? It’s a company that produces quite a few binoculars that are high-quality in general. With great specifications, the company makes some affordable to midrange binoculars.

Celestron SkyMaster is binocular that has a nice overall set of features and specifications that make it one of the best Astronomy binoculars available.

But why not just buy a telescope instead of a pair of binoculars? The purchase decision was influenced by a number of factors. To start with, binoculars are convenient to use, convenient to carry, and lightweight.

You can carry them in your pocket. Additionally, they are cheaper! Telescopes are rather long and take up a lot of space. Many of them are very expensive and you need to carry a bag or suitcase if you wish to transport them. It can be quite frustrating!

Buying Guide for Astronomy Binoculars

So, what should an Astronomy binocular have? I would definitely start by looking at the size. The larger the binocular, the more light it can let in and this can help you see the night sky better.

You would, however, have to sacrifice portability when you buy these binoculars. The large binoculars are really cumbersome to use, despite great vision.

Therefore, we recommend you Celestron SkyMaster 25 x 100 binoculars. What’s the reason? Let’s talk about that now!

Celestron – SkyMaster 25X100 Astro Binoculars Overview

What Makes The Celestron SkyMaster 25×100 The Perfect Binoculars For Astronomy?


156 ounces (which is around 9.75 pounds) is the weight of the Celestron SkyMaster 25*100 binoculars. The binoculars are quite large in size because of this. However, this makes it perfect for use in Astronomy.

Using this with a hand-carry bag might be a better option since it is quite heavy on the neck. There may probably even be a need for a tripod here due to the size of this machine. The difference between this and a Telescope is that it is more convenient!

Lens System

Celestron’s SkyMaster has exit pupils of 4mm and a 15mm eye relief. For adults, they provide a comfortable view. It can also be used by people who wear eyeglasses. With the binocular’s 450-degree rotating eyepiece, you can focus on faraway objects clearly. 

Additionally, it features a 100mm objective lens that provides crystal clear imaging of distant objects. With this lens system, even the faraway stars in a dark knight can be seen.

Build Quality

Binoculars with Celestron’s SkyMaster 25*100 feature water resistance. Other binoculars have rubberized housings as well. The extra protection can benefit the binocular’s overall lifecycle and allow it to adapt to a wide range of temperatures.

Furthermore, the binocular has a texture to provide slip-resistant traction, making it quite impressive to use in all kinds of conditions.

Specifications and Features of the Binocular

Magnification25 x

A binocular’s magnification can zoom in on a faraway object by 25 times.

Objective Lens Diameter100mm

Thanks to the large lens in the binocular, images are clearer than ever before.

Weight – 9 lbs

Weight of an Astronomy binocular

Field of View – 3 degrees

Binoculars for Astronomy are standard with this field of view.

Aspect Width – 157 feet at 1000 yards

The FOV can also be judged from this perspective. You get a kind of ‘spacewalk’ perspective when looking through this particular viewing angle.

Exit Pupil Diameter- 4mm

A larger diameter is usually better for all kinds of binoculars and even telescopes.

  • Incredibly comfortable and easy to use
  • Super great images
  • Affordable Price
  • A really good lens system
  • The instruction manual is not thorough enough, you might find some documentation lacking
  • No Center focus knob in the design is a major bummer
  • The size and weight are quite questionable
  • Not meant for hunting, boating, and other use cases


Celestron SkyMaster 25X100 has a fixed focus and not a variable focus. Therefore, we would not recommend the binocular for things like hunting, boating, and other activities. In these scenarios, it won’t work.

Those who want to gaze at the stars at night will enjoy the 25x zoom and the incredibly crisp picture quality. This device is perfect if you enjoy Astronomy and Stargazing. In addition, this binocular costs around $300 dollars, which is quite a bargain!

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