Maven C1 10×42 Binocular Review

Maven is a rather new company in the Binocular Market. But despite its really humble beginnings and short time, it has managed to leave a really great imprint on the market. This is mainly because the company tries its best to remove any retail markup so, the price stays pretty down while the quality is still up.

A lot of people think that high prices equal high quality but that is not really the case. Only a few of us can really afford binoculars that are extremely expensive. For most of us, Maven is the best bet as it is incredible in terms of quality.

Particularly, we are looking at the C1 Binocular from Maven’s C series. The C1 model is not a high-end binocular but it incorporates that high-end feeling and experience in a really affordable pair of binoculars. This is rare for an optics company to get a high-grade best binocular for the money.

We did not know much about this brand before the C1 came out. But when it did, the binocular market was really disrupted as a lot of people found this to be well made.

When the actual opportunity to review this Binocular came, we did an in-depth review of the product and today we bring this review to you. But how does the affordable pair of binoculars compete against some other binoculars? Let’s find out.

Maven C1 10X42 mm ED Binocular Gray/Orange
9.4/10 Our Score

We all judge a product by what we actually get with it. This is a universal truth and it actually makes sense to do this. In the case of Maven C1, the binocular is actually pretty impressed with what it comes with.

You get a black box here with a really cool logo that stands out. The box is great and all the items are placed appropriately.

The simplicity and genius of the box design are nice and you can see all the pieces quite perfectly. But what do you exactly get with the box? Here are items:

Maven Cap – We did not expect to get a cap with a Binocular but this is still awesome. Perhaps Maven did this so that their brand can get too many people with the cap.

The cap is not really high quality but it is good enough. A nice freebie with the purchase.

Soft Carry Bag – We really appreciate the soft carry bag that the binocular is shipped with. It is a heavy-duty, double-layered, microfiber drawstring and more.

The carry bag is designed for all types of use cases. You can use it for storage at home when you are not using it. You can also use it on hunts and hikes.

There is a strap over the shoulder to carry the binocular when you are out. This is a really nice addition.

One thing that we would have liked is a cleaning cloth but this is not available. But the interior is made with microfiber so, there’s that!

Neck Strap – You get an extra neck strap in the box. The strap is thick and heavy-duty. The best thing about this neck strap is the quick connect system that can buckle with ease.

It is a really convenient feature for everyone. The length is adjustable as well. We loved the durability of the leather present by the buckle of the strap.

The strap is really different from what we have seen on other binoculars.

It has durable webbing that can loop through the eyelet connection. This can protect against potential damage that can happen to the binocular. The strap is added for extra durability though.

Lens Covers – You definitely need a lens cover for your binocular. The package comes with one-piece covers. These covers are made with soft plastic and rubber material.

This gives you flexible movement. The caps fit quite perfectly too. The connection is flexible as well and this allows each cover to be attached without a hassle.

The objective lens covers are made out of rubber and these are tethered rubber that connects to the objective bell. A really nice feature!

Manual and Paper Work – While most of us don’t really pay attention to a product’s manual if you are a first-time user do read the manual. T

he manual will give you clear instructions on how to set up the product. And it’s pretty important to learn that initially. The manual is super concise and easy to read so, it’s nice enough.

The manual also has the spec sheet and it provides information about the Binocular’s IPD range, eye relief, and a lot of other specs.

The manual also has another paper which is a warranty card. The warranty is covered by Maven and you get a lifetime warranty with it.

This means the warranty is not tied to the date of purchase. This is good news for the customers. Any damage to the binocular that affects its optics is covered by the warranty.

Lens Performance and features

Let us now move to the performance and features of the binocular.

Clear Optics

The optical clarity present in the Mavel C1 10×42 binoculars is extraordinary. We were surprised by the overall quality of the optics. The colors are really vibrant and accurate to the naked eyes. The color and clarity is probably the best thing about this optic.

You get a polymer frame is also covered by rubberized armor. It also has a good lowlight performance. It was a lot better than a decent set of sub $200 dollars binocular and it can compete with higher-end ones as well. You can, however, a bit better performance with Maven’s B1 which is a higher-end binocular that costs around $1000. But if you don’t want to spend that much money, C1 still has the optics that are really nice.

Minimal Chromatic Aberration

One of the main features of the Maven C1’s lens system is its low-end chromatic aberration which is so cool. The minimal chromatic aberration makes sure the colors are not overly saturated so, it appears real. You can see a purple hue on a green object if there is a chromatic aberration in the lens.

With the C1, that hue is very minimal and even unnoticeable. In addition to Chromatic Aberration, the lens system as a whole is quite great here.

Build Quality

The next thing that matters in a binocular other than lens quality is the physical build. There are a lot of things that fall under build quality. Let us dive deep into it.


The first thing that anyone sees is the design of the binocular. This particular binocular has an incredible design. The first impression is quite good. There is a tactical feel to it with metal accents and an orange combination. This really sets it apart from some generic-looking binoculars.

The rubber coating sits over the polymer chassis and it is textured properly too. It still provides a great grip, particularly with the thumbs. Just by the metal hinge, you get a tab that really indicates where the binocular was manufactured. s.


The eyecups in this binocular are really impressive. They are multi-position ones with audible clicks for each position. This means that you can use multiple eye relief for multiple users. A really cool feature!

Users found this feature incredibly useful as well. This is probably the best part about Maven’s binocular. and we really like the overall design of the eyecups as well. They allow you to clean the lens when it gets dirty and that is one thing we really appreciate in a binocular.


This binocular is waterproof as well as fog proof. It comes with the IPX6 rating. We checked its waterproof features and it holds up. Even when submerged inside a river, it still did not really get damaged. For the waterproof feature, Maven has incorporated a nitrogen-purged assembly so, the binocular can survive underwater. You can also use it in foggy environments without any problem.


This binocular weighs around 25 ounces. This weight is pretty similar to some other optics. The binoculars are pretty compact and light. While this is still a very lightweight binocular, it has a really good weight in terms of the build as well. A binocular should be lightweight but it should also have appropriate weight so, it doesn’t break. Their grip texture provides a really nice comfort to your hands as well.


If you were wondering, we did not go into the specs of the binocular because it is quite obvious. 10×42 refers to 10x magnification with an objective lens size of 42mm. This is standard for any binocular at this price range. The C1 is actually a really nice package as it comes with a really cool box with all the things you need.

Aside from that, it has a lifetime warranty which is great. The design is ergonomic here and the overall build is solid. It is water and weatherproof. In addition, the low light performance is quite great. The picture quality is crisp and you even get a freebie with the purchase! What’s more to ask? We definitely recommend this binocular.

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