16 Best Bow Hunting Binoculars | Reviews and Buying Guide

How do you spot a passionate bowhunter? There could be a bunch of gears that they prefer to showcase pure perfection; like broad bowhead game arrows with tuned nocks or a fierce compound bow that seems like a “built to kill” kit. They may have the perfect hunting equipment but, what about the vision?

Yes, there has to be a relevant companion to help them check on and spot a game before releasing on it. That’s where we come in!

Here we have a perfect list of elites who would quench your relentless pursuit of having the biggest game hunt of your life. Yes, with the perfect set of zooming accessories you’d just bang the game in an instant. Just imagine yourself taking down a gazelle while your peers can’t even hunt mere hare.

Here’s the list of the 16 best binoculars we have especially prepared for you to accomplish your quest for a worthy game.

The Actual Product Review:


Vortex Optics Viper HD Roof Prism Binoculars 10x42
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 42 mm of objectives-HD lens
  • XR FULLY multicoated optics
  • ArmorTek scratch-resistant coatings
  • Argon-filled fog proofing
  • Dielectric multilayered coatings upon a roof prism
  • O ring seal and Argon purging
  • Best impact-resistant armor
  • Twist-Up and Down eyecups
  • Field of View: 341 ft/1000 yards
  • Eye relief: 17 mm


Our Verdict:

The Vortex Viper HD boasts quite balanced specifications with about 10 units of magnification and 42 mm of the objectives-HD lens. The XR graded fully multicoated optics and Argon-filled fog proofing create the best possible internal transmission environment led by the dielectric multilayered coated Bak4 roof prism. O ring seal checks on water too.

The bino offers a FOV of  341 ft/1000 yards.

The closed bridge configuration leads to the central focus knob and the Right eye lock diopter offers interpupillary adjustment of 56-75mm for a visual experience.

The ArmorTek scratch-resistant coatings upon the optics and impact-resistant armor give the bino a solid build. The eyepiece hosts twist-Up and Down eyecups with an eye relief of 17 mm.

Plus, you get all the accessories like; harness, straps, wipes, and ocular guards alongside the absolute lifetime guarantee on any Vortex products.

In short, it’s worth it when it comes to on-field performance. Simply a beast!


Things We Like:
  • ArmorTek coatings
  • BaK4 roof prism
  • Amazing build quality
  • Shock resistance
Areas of Improvement:
  • Overpriced


NIKON Monarch M7 8x42
9.9/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 8 units of optimum magnification
  • 42 mm of multicoated antireflective-Objectives
  • ED Glass
  • Optimum light transmission up to 99%
  • Nitrogen purged and O ring sealed
  • Closed bridge configuration
  • Locking Dioptric Correction
  • Twist-up Click-Stop eye-cups


Our Verdict:

The Nikon Monarch 7 is the newest gen. series of binoculars that offer the best quality observable during its usage. The best part you could instantly feel in Nikon binos is their matte synthetic rubber coatings that provide the best in class premium feel while holding them.

The bino has a pretty balanced feature. It has 8 units of magnification and 42 mm of objectives with Extra-low Dispersion quality glass and insides of BaK4 roof prism. A blend of these aces checks for anti-reflection and provides 99 % of the light inlet across the body to your eyes which is the utmost viewing experience you could ever get.

Plus, the Nitrogen filling for fog proofing and O ring sealings for waterproofing is always there.

The body is a single hinge closed bridge model with a locking dioptric correction to the right. It offers a Twist Up Click stop eyecup to rest your eyes right to the eyepiece.

Things We Like:
  • Premium product at a mid-range price
  • Solid build
  • Best light inlet features
  • 25 years of warranty
Areas of Improvement:
  • Personal taste
  • Packaging issues


Vortex Optics Crossfire HD 10x42 Binoculars , BLACK
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

10 times powerful magnification

Phase corrected Roof Prisms

Fully Multicoated 42 mm Objectives

HD optics with a rubber-armored body

GlassPakBino Harness

Twist Up rubber eyecups

15mm of Eye relief



Our Verdict:

The vortex crossfire 10 x 42 is a beast. Powered by phase-corrected roof prisms, the light inlet offered is intensified by the total internal reflection that serves a precise gaze upon your target. It serves an apparent viewing angle of 62 degrees which is almost a wide view angle. Plus a Nitrogen purged fog proofing and O ring sealing for waterproofing aids to your excursion in the woods. The objectives are HD graded and provide you with fine color contrast and minimal aberration to limit blur vision.

The body is perfectly rubber-armored with twist-up eyecups towards the eyepiece. The eyepiece holds 15mm of the eyepiece relief and has an adjustable pupillary distance ranging from 58mm-75 mm.

The bino comes with a number of accessories alongside the perfect outdoor game experiences. A bunch of accessories is included in the purchase like a Glass Pak harness, optical wipes, neck strap, dedicated adapter for tripod, and more.

The best part is their lifetime warranty for any vortex product and the best customer service.



Things We Like:
  • Premium build
  • Lightweight Rubber-coated body
  • Warm contrast features
  • Not expensive
Areas of Improvement:
  • Waterproofing issues
  • Resolution issues
  • Accessories/packaging defect
Leica 40803 Geovid 8x42 HD-R 2700 Laser Rangefinders
10/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • Pergerporro prism type (Advanced over typical Porro prisms)
  • P40 Phase corrected coatings
  • Fluoride containing optics
  • High Durable Optics & Aqua Dura coatings
  • 65 degrees of wide view angle
  • Double bridge configuration/ Open bridge
  • Rubber armored-Lightweight magnesium housing
  • Advanced Ballistic Compensation Technology (ABC) – 12 ballistic modes
  • 18 mm of eye relief
  • Click stop Twist-up eyecups


Our Verdict:

The Leica GEOVID HD 8 has 10 units of magnification and 42 mm of objectives. It is powered by the exclusive Pergerporro prism (Advanced over typical Porro prisms) with P40 Phase corrected coatings. The Fluoride-containing optics are built on High Durable Optics technology with Aqua Dura multi-coatings on them.

The build is a double bridge configuration/ Open bridge modeled with a rubber-armored coating over Lightweight magnesium housing, built for the best hunting experience and sought after by game seekers worldwide.

The reason for its supremacy is Advanced Ballistic Compensation Technology (ABC) which comes preloaded with 12 ballistic modes. It has 65 degrees of wide-angle viewing.

Basic build details include a Large central focus knob to the rear mid of the hinge. It features 18 mm of eye relief with Click stop Twist-up eyecups with the eyepiece.

Things We Like:
  • Unique perger porro prism
  • Ballistic Compensation technology
  • Rangefinder
  • Open bridge model
  • Inclusive microSD
Areas of Improvement:
  • Overpriced


Steiner Predator Series Hunting Binoculars, 10x42
9.5/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 Units Optimum magnification
  • 42mm of multicoated Objectives
  • ED glass
  • Apparent view angle: 60 degrees
  • Exclusive Predator Diamond coating
  • Nitrogen Purged and O ring sealed
  • Fast-Close-Focus Knob for precise adjustments
  • NBR synthetic Rubber armor
  • Twist-up Angled Eyecups



Our Verdict:

As the name suggests, the Steiner predator is made for the perfect hunt. An optimum 10 units of magnification with 42 mm of big objectives offer a 4.2 mm of the exit pupil. With the powerful Extra low light Dispersion glass, you don’t have to wait for perfect daytime for hunting and could go out in any kind of light conditions; ranging from dawn to dusk.

The exclusive Predator diamond coatings on the 42 mm optics promise a fine view balanced contrast with an optimum light inlet environment with a fine apparent view angle of 60 degrees, which may not sound “Wow”, but does the job well.

The body has NBR synthetic rubber armor for safeguarding against oil and petroleum contact to the body. 324 feet of the field of view is quite good for a wider view, required mostly for bird hunting or spotting a prey that moves really fast and requires special target zooming.

The body is a closed bridge modeled with a fast Close-Focus knob like in Uso Good series for an instant alteration between zooming in or out and locks properly when set to. It offers twist-up angled eyecups to the eyepiece for viewing ease. The purchase comes with a bunch of accessories.


Things We Like:
  • Not much expensive
  • Fast close focus knob
  • Unique housing
  • Rubber armored
Areas of Improvement:
  • Shorter eye relief
  • Packaging issues
  • Low light issues


Bushnell 134212 H20 Binocular , Black, 12 x 42-mm
10.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of multicoated Objectives
  • Lead-free Eco glass
  • IPX7 rated waterproofing
  • Nitrogen fog proofing
  • Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Housing
  • Right eye dioptric correction dial
  • 15.6mm of eye relief
  • 4.2 mm of exit-pupil


Our Verdict:

The Bushnell H20 bino boasts 10 units of magnification with 42 mm of multicoated Objectives with Lead-free Eco glass offering a balanced 4.2 mm of the exit pupil.

The compactBak4 roof prism in the interior is a promising build for viewing supremacy. The bino boast IPX7 rated waterproofing and NitrogenatedfogproofingThe housing however is an aluminum one, which is not much preferred nowadays.

Besides, the closed bridge configuration has a right eye dioptric correction dial and holds a large central focus knob in the middle of the twin eyepieces featuring twist-up eyecups with 15.6mm of eye relief for viewing experience.

In short, the model is exotic, lightweight, and Durable


Things We Like:
  • Cheap price bino
  • Balanced optics
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Strong build
Areas of Improvement:
  • Packaging issue
  • Issues with the hinge


Upland Optics Perception HD 10x42mm Hunting Binoculars
9.7/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of multicoated ED optics
  • Phase corectedBaK4 Roof prisms with dielectric coatings
  • Magnalium build (95%aluminium and magnesium 5 %)
  • Field of view:330 ft/1000 yards
  • Rubber coated
  • 17.2 mm eye relief
  • 1.44 pounds weight
  • Inclusive: Carry case, lens wipes, Neck Strap


Our Verdict:

The Upland Perception bino boasts 10 units of magnification with  42 mm of multicoated Extra Low Dimension  optics assisted internally through

Phase corectedBaK4 Roof prisms to increase color fidelity and dielectric coating for high -reflectivity that provides sharper color and crispier image.

It consists of Nitrogen purging and O ring sealing for fog and waterproofing.

The bino features a wide field of view as 330 ft/1000 yards with  1.44 pounds weight body. The build material is magnalium with rubber coating on the outside which features thumb indents for the perfect grip.

The eyepiece features 17.2 mm eye relief.

The purchase offers you a carry case, lens wipes, Neck Strap, and dedicated adapter as accessories.


Things We Like:
  • Best outdoor suit specs
  • Durable build
  • Comes with accessories
  • Inexpensive
Areas of Improvement:
  • Adjusting the focus knob is tough
  • Eyepiece fall off issues


SkyGenius 10 x 50 Binoculars for Adults Full-Size, Binoculars for Bird Watching Sightseeing Wildlife Watching with Low Light Night Vision
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 50 mm of objectives
  • bK7 glass prism
  • Rubber armored body coating
  • Angular field of view
  • Field of View: 367 ft/1000 yards
  • Fold-down eyecups
  • Up to 18mm Eye relief
  • Inclusive: Soft carry case, Neckstrap, Clean wipes, Objective lens cap


Our Verdict:

The Skygenius 10X50 offers 10 units of magnification alongside 50 mm of objectives with an exit pupil of 5mm which is quite good as compared to others on the list. However, the model uses a typical BK7 glass Porro prism.

The bino has an upper hand on outdoor performance with a rubber-armored body coating. The body looks quite sporty though, a bit bulkier with 1.8 pounds body(the bulkiest on our list). It features a FOV of 367 ft/1000 yards.

The bridge, however, is unique with a focus knob placed right on the center that sets your vision. It features an adjustable interpupillary distance of  56-76 mm. The fold-down eyecups featureupto18 mm of eye relief to the eyepiece.

The purchase includes; a soft carry case, neck-strap, Clean wipes, and objective lens caps.


Things We Like:
  • Best light inlet feature
  • Proper image stabilization
Areas of Improvement:
  • Outdated build specs
  • Bulky design


Vortex Optics Diamondback HD 8x42 Binoculars
10/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 8 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of multicoated objectives
  • Dielectric coated Bak4 prisms
  • ArmorTek  scratch-resistant coatings
  • Close focus from 5 feets
  • Adjust knob on mid and lockable diopter on right side
  • Interpupillary Distance (55-73) mm
  • Twist-up and down eyecups
  • Eye relief: 17 mm
  • Angular field of view: 393 ft/ 1000 yards


Our Verdict:

Vortex Diamondback HD is considered the best in class, thanks to its amazingly balanced build and specifications.

It features up to 8 units of magnification and 42 mm of multicoated objectives leading to an exit pupil of 5.25 MMS. The phase-corrected and dielectric-coated Bak4 prisms alongside ArmorTek scratch-resistant coatings are shareable features with Vortex Viper.

It has a 393 ft/ 1000 yards-Angular field of view and actual FOVof 7.5 degrees. Its close focus starts from 5 feet.

Its closed bridge configuration holds adjust knob on the mid-rear and lockable diopter on the right side which adjusts the Interpupillary Distance ranging from 55 to 73 mms.

The eyepiece features  twist up and down eyecups offering an eye relief of around 17 mm.,


Things We Like:
  • Most popular value for money binos
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Premium build quality
  • Lifetime warranty
Areas of Improvement:
  • Personal choice


9.7/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 8 units magnification and 42 mm of multicoated objectives
  • Silver coated roof prisms
  • Reinforced polycarbonate body
  • Large center-focus knob
  • Twist-up Click-stop eyecups
  • The apparent angle of view: 63 degrees
  • Field of View: 367 ft/ 1000 yards
  • Lead and arsenic-free Eco glass
  • Right eye dioptric adjustment
  • 20.2 mm of eye relief
  • Slip-resistant rubber armor


Our Verdict:

The Nikon Prostaff 3S features 8units magnification and 42 mm of multicoated objectives with Lead and Arsenic-free Eco-glass offering an exit pupil of 5.2 mms. It has silver-coated Bak4 roof prisms.

The Nitrogen purged fog proofing and O ring seal waterproofing on a Reinforced polycarbonate body with shock and Slip-resistant rubber armor make it a perfect outdoor companion.

The Apparent angle of view is 63 degrees (Wide enough to manage shakiness) during high magnification and 7 degrees actual angular field of view.

It provides afield of View as 367 ft/ 1000 and a right eye dioptric adjustment.

It features a large center focus knob and Twist-up Click-stop eyecups that rpovideupto15.7 mm of eye relief.


Things We Like:
  • Eco glass
  • Fine color adjustments
  • Overall best specs
  • Amazing Eye-relief
Areas of Improvement:
  • Issues of chromatic aberration
Leica 40093 Ultravid 8 x 42 HD Plus (Black)
9.9/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • SCHOTT HT glass
  • Phase corrected Roof Prisms
  • High Durable Coatings(HDCs) and AquaDura lens coatings
  • High Lux System coatings prism
  • Magnesium alloy build
  • Protective rubber armor
  • Twist-up Click stop Eyecups
  • Lockable central diopter adjust
  • Slip-resistant rubber armor


Our Verdict:

The Leica Ultravid features 8 times magnification and 42mm of SCHOTT HT glass alongside high Lux System coated  Phase corrected-Roof Prisms for interior lighting. The Highly Durable Coatings(HDCs) and AquaDura lens coatings make the lens anti-reflective and scratch-resistant with a brilliant light inlet.

The bino has fog proofing ensured by Nitrogen purging and O ring sealing for waterproofing.

The body features a solid magnesium alloy built with protective rubber armor for outdoor usage. The design is basically a closed body configuration, double knobbed to rear mid. Each objective cylinder features two tags, one with a red logo and the other one features a model number, which I have found to be unique.

The eyepiece features Twist-up Click stop Eyecups and Lockable central diopter adjust. The matte rubber armor is Slip-resistant rubber armor which is rather dull colored.

The binos quite pricy yet worth the value.

Things We Like:
  • Amazing design
  • Best build quality
Areas of Improvement:
  • Short eyecups
  • Too expensive


Swarovski EL 12x50 Binocular with FieldPro Package, Green
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of objectives
  • Apparent view angle: 64 degrees
  • Fluoride Glass Objective Lens
  • Phase -Corrected roof prisms
  • Schmidt Pechan Prism
  • Open Bridge-Twin hinge configuration
  • Magnesium Alloy housing
  • Wrap around Rubber Armor
  • Long 20 mm eye relief
  • Pros: Best build quality, reflective objectives, Brand value
  • Cons: Price, Schmidt Pechan over Bak4 with same-priced peers


Our Verdict:

The Swarovski EL is a beast featuring 10 units of magnification with a 42 mm of Fluoride Glass Objective Lens(featuring advanced lens protection called SWARODUR, SWAROTOP, SWAROBRIGHT&SWAROCLEAN).

Interiorly,  the bino is provided with Phase -Corrected roof prisms that provide a FOV of 336 ft/1000 yards. The apparent view angle is a Wide one of 64 degrees.

The body configuration is Open Bridge- Twin hinge configuration with Magnesium Alloy build with Rubber Armor coating. The right objective cylinder has Swarovski’s signature silver bird logo.

The bino features a 56-74 mm interpupillary adjustment range with a right eye lock dioptre along with a long 20 mm eye relief with a twist in 3 step eyecups.

The bino is absolutely classy but comes at a hefty price.


Things We Like:
  • Amazing design
  • Best build quality
Areas of Improvement:
  • Short eye cups
  • Too expensive


Zeiss 10x42 Conquest HD Binocular with Lens Kit and Cleaning Cloth
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 90% light transmisision rate
  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of objectives
  • 90% light transmission
  • 345 ft/ 1000 yards of FOV
  • Close focus of 6 and a half foot
  • Apparent view angle: 66 degrees
  • Exit pupil: 18 mm & Twist-Up eyecups
  • Schmidt pechan roof prisms
  • Twist-Up eyecups


Our Verdict:

Zeiss Conquest HD proves itself worthy of its name i..e built to conquer. It hosts 10 units of magnification and  42 mm of objectives with LotuTec technology and ZEISS  T* coating which provides a 90% light transmission rate.

The body has a build of aluminum housing and rubber coating for outdoor usage. The insides, however, are Schmidt pechan roof prisms as compared to mainstream Bak4 prisms. It has  Nitrogen purging and O ring sealing to maintain fog proofing and waterproofing respectively.

It has FOV of345 ft/ 1000 yards. It also has a close focus of 6 and a half feet. It has an apparent view angle of 66 degrees. The interpupillary distance offered is  54-74 mm which could be regulated by the right eye dioptre. The bino itself weighs around 800 grams(Relatively more than peers).

The eyepiece hosts Twist-Up eyecups offering an exit pupil of 18 mm.


The purchase is Inclusive of a bunch of accessories like a bino-fix tripod adapter, Carry strap, Optical wipes, etc.


Things We Like:
  • Best build quality
  • Best outdoor experience
  • Best LotuTec coated optics
Areas of Improvement:
  • Overpriced


9.7/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of objectives
  • Multi Guard coatings on ED glass
  • Fully Multicoated Lens
  • Apparent view angle:  65 degrees wide
  • Open bridge design
  • Water and Fogproof
  • BaK4 lens with P2 phase coating
  • Anti-Reflection
  • V-max Silver Coatings and emerald coatings
  • 6.5 degrees angle of view
  • 16.5 mm eye relief


Our Verdict:

The Vanguard Endeavor comes with 10 units of magnification and 42 mm of objectives with an exit pupil of 4.2mm. It has a fully multicoated lens with Extra-low Dispersion glass. It features exclusive MultiGuard coatings for Anti-Reflection and V-max Silver Coatings plus emerald coatings ensuring brilliant light transmission.

It features a BaK4 roof prism with P2 phase coatings for advanced color fieldity. The apparent view angle is a wide 65 degrees one with an open bridge design.

The build is claimed to be 100 % Water and Fogproof, ensured by Nitrogen purging and O ring sealing.

The bino has an actual6.5 degrees angle of view and 340 ft/1000 yards field of view. The eyepiece has a rubber flap  3 stage twist and locks eyecups that provide 17.6 mm of eye relief.


Things We Like:
  • Extra Low dispersion caliber
  • Decent build quality
  • Rubber armored
Areas of Improvement:
  • Image processing issues
  • Adjust issues with hinge


Carson 3D Series High Definition Waterproof Binoculars with ED Glass
9.8/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 10 units of magnification
  • 42 mm objectives
  • Phase correction coatings on prisms
  • BaK4 prisms
  • 6.5-degree view angle
  • 52 degrees apparent view angle
  • Nitrogen Purged fog proof and  Waterproof
  • Closed Bridge configuration
  • 16 mm of eye relief
  • Twist-Up Rubber Eyecups
  • Lightweight 1.38 pounds
  • Inclusive: Deluxe carry case, Neck strap, harness, and optical wipes


Our Verdict:

The Carson 3D Extra-low Dispersion Glass binoculars house 10 units of magnification and 42 mm objectives built with 3D and ED glass guaranteed with a fully Multicoated lens for Anti Reflection.

The Phase corrected BaK4 prisms alongside Nitrogen Purged fog proofing and O ring sealed waterproofing provide the best viewing experience with 6.5 degrees of actual viewing angle and 52 degrees of apparent viewing angle. It features a convenient FOV of 341fts/1000 yards too.

The body is basically a single hinge closed bridge configuration with rugged rubber armor for protection from external adversities. The build is Lightweighed about 1.38 pounds and proves as a decent hunt gear.

The eyepiece features 16 mm of eye relief and Twist-Up Rubber Eyecups. The purchase is inclusive of a carry case, Neck strap, harness, and optical wipes. The product even has a lifetime warranty coming with it so, don’t miss the deal.

The device’s case may contain magnets; so people with pacemakers and ICDs should not use this product as it might interfere with their magnetic field and raise complications.


Things We Like:
  • Best price deal
  • Lightweight design
  • Premium objectives
Areas of Improvement:
  • Chromatic aberrration issues
  • Eye piece build issues


12x42 HD Binoculars for Adults with Upgraded Phone Adapter, Tripod and Tripod Adapter - Large View Binoculars with Clear Low Light Vision - Waterproof Binoculars for Bird Watching Hunting Travel
9.7/10 Our Score

Notable Specs:

  • 12 times of magnification
  • 42 mm of objectives with multicoated ISM optics
  • BaK4-16.5 mm of prism
  • Field of View: 367 fts./1000 yards
  • Inclusive: Carry case, lens wipe, lens cap, collar
  • Weighs about a pound (1.1 lbs)
  • 18 mm of eye relief




Our Verdict:

The Andorrgon 889268 has promising features like; 12 times of magnification offered by  42 mm of objectives with multicoated ISM optics. The extensive light and color balance is maintained byBaK4 HD-16.5 mm of the prism the interior. The bino features a field View of 367 fts./1000 yards.

The purchase includes a carry case, lens wipe, lens cap and collar. The bino however is slightly heavier than its peers I.e. weighs about a pound.


Things We Like:
  • Decent pricing
  • ISM optics
  • Comes with a bunch of accessories
Areas of Improvement:
  • Issues with build materials
  • Fogging issues


Bonus Pick:


Cabelas Intensity HD

Notable Specs:

  • 8 units of magnification
  • 42 mm of objectives
  • HD Extra low dispersion glass
  • Silver coated prism
  • Rubber armored
  • 426fts/ 1000 yards
  • Close focus distance at 8.2 feets
  • Magnesium alloy
  • IPX7 waterproofing and Nitrogen purged fog proofing

Our Verdict:

The Cabelas Intensity HDfeatures8 units of magnification with 42 mm of objectives offering a 5.2 mm of the exit pupil. The objectives are basically HD Extra-low dispersion glass. The interior prism is a Silver coated roof prism with a nice light reflection caliber. The body’s build material is Magnesium alloy with rubber-armored green outings and inner cylindrical matte black dual-color. The body features IPX7 waterproofing and Nitrogen purged fog proofing.

The bino has a Field View of around  426 ft/1000 yards It features a long eye relief and has padded neck strap and lens covers.

Things We Like:
  • Insanely cheap yet good binos,
Areas of Improvement:
  • Well price-cut affects quality. Yet, an amazing deal


So far, bow hunting is not an easy task yet a phenomenal sporting experience everyone wishes to take on even for once in their lives. The astounding adventure itself encases an experience that is second to none. Such a moment should always be complemented with the perfect hunting gears as far as possible to unleash the perfectionist within you.

Indeed, the list may have so many elites who made it here because of their exceptional merit. So, what are the merits they must possess in order to fit with your hunting gears?

We have just the perfect buying guide for you to find the best binoculars for the task. Let’s have a look:


Buying Guide:

Magnification:  While viewing any bino, the numerical tagged along with them in AXB format provides two major details. Eg: a Carson 3D ED has  8X42 assigned along with the name. Here the 8 means its optimum magnification.

Shooting games with guns basically have scopes attached to the guns while bow hunt requires prior target choosing with a bino and checking for steady ones to bang them with an arrow. The higher is the magnification, the unsteadier would be your view of the target. It’s a simple universal rule. So the best thing to do is get a decent pair with optimum 10 X magnification if you’re obsessed with numbers. However, an 8X magnification is wholesome enough.


Objective lens:

A wise man once said that the bigger the objectives, the heavier the binos are.

Basically, for bow hunt binos, bigger objectives are valued as well. The more exposure the objectives have, the clearer the target you could see. It’s simple logic but the hard part is bowhunting is quite tedious and you should not have a heavy bino that requires constant placement in your palms. Occasionally, you might enter a one-handed view mode where you would definitely wish to have a lightweight companion.

Therefore to find the perfect view experience alongside lightweights the optimum objectives you could choose should not be more than 42 mm. Exactly right? None of our elites have bigger objectives than that.

Make sure that your pair has multicoated optics and has anti-reflection or scratch-proofing multi-coatings over its objectives.

Actual field of view:

Higher the actual field of view, the better the resolution. Se while zooming in, if your game is a bird, there is a high chance of you losing it in an instant.

That’s where you may feel this urge of getting a wider FOV bino. Basically, hunters prefer higher than 350 fts/ 1000 yards FOV. That’s the tip.

Apparent and actual angle of view:

Don’t be confused with the numbers they have. They simply say how much angle or width you may view from the eyepiece setup. The best actual field of view is always around 7 degrees and an ideal apparent view angle should be near 65 degrees.


We had the topic above already while explaining the objectives.

However, the build/ housing could be the reason for heaviness. Make sure that the bino features a magnesium housing or a polycarbonate housing with nice rubber armor to protect it forever.

Eye relief:

Longer the eye relief, relieved are specsys. Longer eye relief is not much of an issue as you can regulate them to a shorter distance by regulating the eyecups.

Specsys must check a 15mm plus eye relief on their pair before buying.

Ideal cost range:

Premium binos are simply the most balanced, yet we have many midrange chartbusters and entry-level wonders that would do the job just perfect.

If you vow on buying the most expensive ones; go for Nikon, Swarovski, Zeiss, Vortex viper, or the coolest dude on the list; the LeicsGeovid-HD.

If you like more value for money products you may opt for masterpieces like Vortex Diamondback, Vanguard, or Carson 3D series.

If you want your “do whatever” companion, go for Cabelas Intensity or Bushnell H20, coming for around 100 bucks in this category.


Which is the best on the list?

Well, I am a guy obsessed with numbers and extra features. So I’d personally prefer Leica Geovid over the rest. We have a whole list of the best in class binos so, you could finalize your pick.

What is interpupillary distance adjustment?

It’s just the hinge re-adjustment in the bridge between the objectives. It’s there to help you regulate the optics suitable for your eyes placement.

If you have wider eye placement, you tilt the handles farther and for narrower eyes you just adjust them more towards your nose.

What does the right eye dioptre do?

It’s provided along with the central focus knob where both have a similar job, i.e adjust the focus for a better and crisp image.



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